nextr app

Since I will hopefully be moving in the next few months to a city with a half way decent public trasport system I felt this service was worth mentioning. The nextr app seems quite useful for anyone riding by way of public transit, though it is currently only in Europe I am hoping someone in the states will come up with a similar application for the states. It would especially come in handy for travelers who are trying to find an easy way to get around.


Bicycle Wine Rack

I had some serious doubts that this would work. I never thought wine would survive a lengthy ride on the frame of a bike, but this video sold me and now I want one. (or two). Oppsmark is a company from montreal that makes handmade leather goods for urban living. If your not into biking or wine the have an array of other well made products. I think as a business they are really connecting with their target markets, which is me.

Jorge Oswaldo – Amazing Vinyl

This past year the design department received the donation of a Vinyl Cutter. I have been fortunate enough to get multiple chances to experiment with it and create pretty interesting pieces. This video is of Jorge Oswaldo, an artist from LA that creates intricate layered vinyl pieces that deserve to be shared. He is inspires me to try everything under the sun with regards to design. Enjoy.