It might be because I am in constant need of a flash drive or because I simply have never seen a product like this, but GIGS 2 GO is a genius product. Even its name cleverly explains this disposable paper based USB drive. The GIGS 2 GO is the size of credit card to easily fit inside of your wallet and offers away to conveniently share or save files to 8 – 32G drive. Though I feel like this product would have to compete will the”cloud” and services like google drive I think it would be useful for large files that can go through email and would take up to much space on your online drive. There is definitely a market for this and its a plus that the form fits the function  Kudos designers. 


Lekue Citrus Spray





So I recently saw this product in one of my favorite stores , Sur La Table. If you havent been I highly recommend you go, it has everything you could ever want for a kitchen and more, In shopping around all of there knick knack I came upon the Lekue Citrus Spray. For some reason this product leaped off the shelf at me, I thought to my self that this is an innovative product that eliminates its competition by negating a need for them. It is utterly brilliant. Instead of wasting money on manufactured lemon juice this product it a one time buy that allows you to use lemons and limes naturally for their juices. The packaging itself is very simplistic and utilizes pictures to show how the product would work. They have even gone as far as to solve the issue of what to do when you are done spraying by developing a stand for the lemon or lime . Though I can not tell you personally if this product works I sincerely hope so, because it tops the charts as a simplistic product that more than serves its purpose. It is safe to say next time I go i will be purchasing one of these along with many other kitchen items I did even know I needed. 

Leis Wooden Kitchen Utensils



Lately our Design Entrepreneurship class has been focusing on branding. We have been discussing what is a brand and what makes it good. While looking around for inspiration I stumbled upon Leis Wooden Kitchen Utensils. These packaged utensils are not only well crafted modern fork and spoon, but are simplistic and highly unique. The product serves both funtion and aesthetic purpose, not to mention ease of storage with a magnetic piece to help hang the utensils. However the most interesting part of this product is its brand.

 “the brand’s purpose is to manufacture appealing, user-friendly and well-designed products made strictly using locally sourced beech.”

This well developed branding is apparent in the sleek and simplistic form of both the product and its packaging. The package design pulls from the actual utensils using a monochromatic scheme and taking the shape of the products themselves. This product focuses on being a well designed sustainable solution to kitchenware and I believe they executed it perfectly. It is exactly the feel you get when viewing the  product both in and out of its packaging.  i hope in moving forward with my own branding I can pull from this as an example and further establish a well thought out brand.

Cube calendar


I am in the market for a new planner/ calendar. I currently use a Moleskin daily planner because it allow me to make long to do list , but I wanted to find a more interactive way to keep track of the days. I had stumbled upon Oscar Diaz slow bleeding “Ink Calendar”, which frankly blew my mind. I think that would be a little difficult to execute on a month to month basis but it surely makes the action of time keeping interesting.


While exploring the same calendar based design I found  The Cube Calander by  Philip Stroomberg. Though this calendar ,like the ink calendar, would have no way of keeping track of due dates or plans, it is an innovative way to display the days of the year. (and a lot easier for me to keep on my desk) It provides inspirational and funny quotes to add flare to an otherwise mundane task . Not to mention it has the interactive aspect of tearing of the dates, which is a very clever take on counting down the days. This calendar though relatively small in size has won a big design award , the Silver A’ Design Award , in 2012 -13.



Knife and Saw Bike Shelf




Since working on my design entrepreneurship project, I have been extremely interested in innovative product design. I now know how hard it is to come up with a viable idea that will actually sell and on top of that design it well so that it is aesthetically pleasing. This is a product designed and developed by Chris Bringham of Knife and Saw, that is genius. It is a product I didn’t even know I needed until I saw it and now I can’t imagine not having one. It combines sleek and simplistic design with multifaceted function. I think it was probably created to target a specific person similar to my entryway organizer; a younger person living in a small space such as an apartment with limited places to easily store a bike. However, despite that niche, I could see numerous people in all walks of life using a shelf such as this. The description given on the website is a perfect example of innovative design “While visiting many friends’ small apartments, I noticed that there was a void when it came to elegant bike management. I wanted to create a piece that kept bikes off the floor but didn’t look like it belonged in the garage. With that, The Bike Shelf was born”. This is exactly what we are learning to do with in the realms of our design entrepreneurship, find a problem and create a marketable solution.

Ugly Dolls have fairly recently began to trend across the United States. This article explains how the famous toys actually began as doodles on love letters. The silly drawings created by David Horvath that eventually grew into hand made toys sold at local independent stores. I found it extremely interesting that something that started out relatively small between David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim could develop to have such a great demand. I guess it goes to show that when a unique idea or product falls into the right hands anything becomes possible.

Faberhaus Tiny House

Recently I have developed a real intrest in these “tiny” houses. I believe it is very impressive to create living spaces that are fully functional with minimal square footage and impact. The picture below is of the interior of the Faberhaus Pavillion designed by Faberca. The house itself only occupies 376 square feet, which is only a bit bigger than a typical master bedroom. The best part of the whole house is that it is fully self sustaining, meaning that it runs off solar energy and a small tank of propane. I know that here in America we have the view that “bigger” equates to “better”, but these simplistic homes are not only lost cost they are incredibly eco friendly. I believe that general public is moving in a more environmentally conscious direction and most companies are hopping on the band wagon. Words like organic and green have began to populate stores but in terms of actually practicing what you preach the Faberhaus and other “tiny” houses are on a entirely different level. I hope I began to see these become a popular trend around the country.