Leis Wooden Kitchen Utensils



Lately our Design Entrepreneurship class has been focusing on branding. We have been discussing what is a brand and what makes it good. While looking around for inspiration I stumbled upon Leis Wooden Kitchen Utensils. These packaged utensils are not only well crafted modern fork and spoon, but are simplistic and highly unique. The product serves both funtion and aesthetic purpose, not to mention ease of storage with a magnetic piece to help hang the utensils. However the most interesting part of this product is its brand.

 “the brand’s purpose is to manufacture appealing, user-friendly and well-designed products made strictly using locally sourced beech.”

This well developed branding is apparent in the sleek and simplistic form of both the product and its packaging. The package design pulls from the actual utensils using a monochromatic scheme and taking the shape of the products themselves. This product focuses on being a well designed sustainable solution to kitchenware and I believe they executed it perfectly. It is exactly the feel you get when viewing the  product both in and out of its packaging.  i hope in moving forward with my own branding I can pull from this as an example and further establish a well thought out brand.


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