Cube calendar


I am in the market for a new planner/ calendar. I currently use a Moleskin daily planner because it allow me to make long to do list , but I wanted to find a more interactive way to keep track of the days. I had stumbled upon Oscar Diaz slow bleeding “Ink Calendar”, which frankly blew my mind. I think that would be a little difficult to execute on a month to month basis but it surely makes the action of time keeping interesting.


While exploring the same calendar based design I found  The Cube Calander by  Philip Stroomberg. Though this calendar ,like the ink calendar, would have no way of keeping track of due dates or plans, it is an innovative way to display the days of the year. (and a lot easier for me to keep on my desk) It provides inspirational and funny quotes to add flare to an otherwise mundane task . Not to mention it has the interactive aspect of tearing of the dates, which is a very clever take on counting down the days. This calendar though relatively small in size has won a big design award , the Silver A’ Design Award , in 2012 -13.




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